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Sleep No More, Again.

Second trip to SNM last night, the staging of Macbeth where the audience and the actors move about multi floor warehouse of sets and get up close to one another.  Saw more acting than I saw on the first trip where I explored the sets and had no expectations.  I’m still impressed with the quality of dance and movement in the event, and imagine the work is demanding (but perhaps enjoyable for a time.)  However, on the first visit, the lack of familiarity made the experience something very special.  On the second trip, I felt more like optimizing and was less wondrous.  I feel the same way about many experiences: I recently biked to NYC Resistor from my office with my friend Max, and the experience was exciting because it was so unfamiliar – both biking in NYC traffic as well as the route, but future rides along the same path will lack that thrill.

Did not see Shelby and Adam’s typewriter, unfortunately, but I looked for it.

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Rough month…

I moved to New York City because my girlfriend dragged me here. I would probably have never made it this far if not for her. I *wanted* to be in NYC to become a better professional, and a more interesting person. More interesting doesn’t require… Read More