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Berlin, U-Bahn

Ubahn Train

More than 40 years ago, my parents rode these trains around Berlin, back when it was still a divided city.  I recently rode them myself, in a city no longer divided.

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Nominated for a Bessie Award!

So this happened:

Bessie nomination for visual design...

I, along with my creative teammates have been nominated for a Bessie award, (a prominent award in the NYC dance community with 3 decades of history,) for outstanding visual design related to our Spring 2014 season collaboration with Brooklyn Ballet:

Illuminated tutu

I’m really excited to have even been noticed! Considering that I and my fellow Resistors are just getting traction in the NYC dance community, it’s a big inspiration to be recognized and inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring together the beauty of dance with reactive lighting design and wearable electronics.

Life, a photo at a time.

Since November 17nd, 2011, I’ve recorded my life in photographs everyday.  A sampling of those photographs are shared with you here, on WordPress.  The remainder are posted each day to Flickr, at  There you’ll find the world through my eyes; eyes that look for the novelty, detail and story in life.  My main tools are a small Fuji camera, and the occasional snap from a larger Canon.  I shoot street, dance, and portraiture.  I live for critique and appreciation alike.  Please share.