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Why I license my photos to the Creative Commons


I license my photos using the Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike, Non-Commercial license as my contribution back to the community I love so much, New York City.  While I don’t make money from my photographic pursuits, I take great enjoyment in telling stories through my camera, and I love to share those stories with as many people as will see them.  I’m also excited when people choose to remix or re-use the photos I’ve snapped with my camera, as long as they’re doing it in accordance with the license, which is really intended to ensure the photos are freely available to everyone, but not used for commercial exploitation.  Finally, by using the Creative Commons license, I can reduce some of the onerous copyright overreach that plagues our creative community.

You’ll find the original sizes of my images on Flickr and if you have a special need for the RAW or DNG image (I usually, but not always, shoot RAW images,) I’ll happily dig it up and send it over, as Flickr won’t handle RAW and DNG files.

If you find a picture here that moves you, or that might look good as a personal print, or perhaps part of an art project you’re building, please use it with my blessing.  I understand that the “Share-Alike” clause in the license may interfere with your use of the photo in a derivative work, and if you have a desire to include a photo in a work that should not be subject to the Share-Alike clause, contact me and it can likely be resolved in a one-off manner.

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