Bright by wwward0
Bright, a photo by wwward0 on Flickr.

Someone at this building cares a great deal for the look of even the underthings that make it run. A standpipe, for example, is often ignored on most buildings, yet they’re out there in plain sight. After a block of blighted spots on building faces, they’re easily ignored as so much of the visual “noise” of the city, despite their prominence on the sidewalk’s periphery.

But here, they sparkle – as do the doors, door handles, plaques, and the stonework. The building’s staff and administrators care that their place looks well-kept, and not seemingly because they’re attracting business – for it’s not a rental, but because, perhaps, they take pride in their profession and the place they live in.

A practical side effect to this, perhaps, is that small problems are noticed sooner, and attended to, before they become larger problems. Attention to details, therefore, can convey a sense of security, stability, and control.