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GET LAMP coin included with DVD set


My copy of “GET LAMP” arrived this weekend from Jason Scott.  Looking forward to a lot of nostalgia with this one, just as with his wonderful BBS Documentary.  In this documentary, Scott traces the 80’s era of text-based gaming, from the late 1970’s mainframe craze known as Adventure to the home PC editions of Zork and the rise and fall of companies like Infocom.

My favorite old text-based adventures were Planetfall and Stationfall.  I also spent a small amount of time on the tail end of the MOO/MUD era in CyberMOO during the early 1990’s.  My imagination still outshines even the best GPU, but I’ve enjoyed a considerable amount of 3D immersive adventures to boot.  Still, I think I would very much enjoy a revival of the old text MUD scene if I could enjoy it with friends.


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