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Joining Logbook of the World

Those of you in the ham radio scene have probably heard of the ARRL's "Logbook of the World" which is intended to make QSL'ing easier for the contest enthusiast.  QSL'ing is the act of exchanging contact confirmations between stations who communicate on the air, usually under challenging conditions, which serves as evidence of a successful link between them.  The ARRL, a national organization of ham radio operators, sponsors a number of contests to challenge operators to communicate under various conditions – such as speaking with someone in all the states in the USA, or reaching out to someone in a group of countries.  The capriciousness of radio waves makes this a fun and entertaining pursuit.

Logbook of the World takes several days to get started, as the administrators send an access code through the post, rather than online.  I'm waiting for that code now.

If you are a ham, you'll be able to QSL me online, but still feel free to send a postcard direct to my home if you like!


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