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OLPC XO Laptop supports USB Keyboard, Mouse

Hello again, I’m typing to you from the OLPC XO – only this time I’m typing with an attached Apple USB keyboard and Logitech Wireless mouse.

Compared to the internal keyboard, the machine seems much more responsive with an external keyboard. Typing on the internal keyboard is tougher for the fat fingered, but most kids don’t have that problem.

The scroll wheel is supported as well – not surprising since Linux has supported the scroll wheel for some time, and I’m glad that the OLPC team did such a nice job of keeping most of the better utilities intact.

For package management, YUM is present. I ran “yum update” to bump up the code on the laptop. I also edited the NTP step-tickers file, although I have to assume that OLPC has another method for synchronizing the internal clock. When I have time, I’ll read the documentation on their site regarding such mundane matters.

Great little machine. Perhaps some of the OLPC folks will go on to design adult-focused hardware?


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