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Rest in peace, my old friend – October 14, 2007

Pretty Kitty in the light of sunset.

Pretty Kitty came to live with us out of a dark, rainy night in the winter of 2000. Once we fed her, she took up residence, as all stray cats tend to do when finding a friendly home. 7 years later, Pretty Kitty – as she came to be known – died of a terminal disease. Pretty Kitty lived a vibrant life right up until the end, first enjoying our cozy woodland home in North Carolina, and later adventuring with us as we migrated to Connecticut. She adopted the life of a city cat, staring out the wide windows of our ivory tower apartment at the people below on the sidewalk, and enjoying the sunshine in the afternoon.

I miss her warm welcome when I come home from work, as I miss how she would sleep on my pillow at night. I miss her gentle reminder noises when she wanted my attention, and her contented purring. I miss the softness of her fur, and her calming presence in the house.

To my dear Pretty Kitty, I miss you terribly… Rest in peace.


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