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Rough month…

I moved to New York City because my girlfriend dragged me here. I would probably have never made it this far if not for her. I *wanted* to be in NYC to become a better professional, and a more interesting person. More interesting doesn’t require one to live in NYC; people can be interesting anywhere. But living in NYC demands a higher level of effort and tolerance than where I used to live. I figure, if I can survive here, I can make my way anywhere in the USA – perhaps even the world.

And with that in mind, I report that the last several weeks have been full of late nights. I was in Seattle for a week, and then camped out in a Times Square sign doing system installations. Last week was all about website troubleshooting. The weeks have been filled with challenges, learning, and personal growth.

But, the downside is that they’ve exhausted me. I’m still working now, trying to sort out some architecture issues with Microsoft Exchange. So while I’m cooling my jets this weekend (but not really,) I’m waiting for my cat to pass away. She has a terminal cancer, and it’s slowly killing her. More slowly than I thought. She’s happy for now, and we’re spoiling her during her final days – but that’s also a drain.

So, in short, I’ve been rather busy lately – but I’m still around.

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