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New York Life: Living next to opera star* (wannabe? rising?)

New Yorkers are accustomed to noise. Most can complain about neighbors who yell and scream at one another until the sun comes up, or play their stereos too loud, or simply pace the floor with their pet horse.

I happen to live next to an opera singer (apparently.)

Maybe she’s a student at Julliard or some other school of artistic ambition. My only concern is that she’s taken to practicing in her studio apartment in the afternoons and evenings. Other than that, she’s very quiet, and hasn’t spoken a word to me in the hall or elevator, appears to be of Asian decent, and seems reasonably well mannered.

Hopefully she’ll tire before my bedtime comes.

Just one of those bizarre moments of living in NY, brought to you by the letters S, T, F, and U – kthxbai.

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