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An Evening at Etsy


Etsy Labs hosted an evening with homebrew electronic musicians. One guy brought an ironing board wired for sound, another brought an intriguing set of electronic blocks. Eric Singer was on the scene with his ever cool and highly unusual creations, the banana and his Slime-o-Tron, which looked about as weird as the name implies. Phil Torrone was there with Make and Craft Magazines, and a really neat group of people brought their own various creations, too many to list here, but I’ll try to post links to photo galleries when they appear.

What really drives me about these gatherings is the energy that all these inventors bring together. It is fantastically inspiring just to see what people are up to, and to participate in conversations with them. You get a chance to share ideas and methods, argue over the best way to do something, and come out with a better idea than you started. Sometimes you come away with friends.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! I’m looking forward to the next gathering. I’ll have to pack up my own gadget collection and drag it along this time. Unfortunately, I had to cut out a lot sooner than I wanted to get my laundry done. Silly day job…

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