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Fun with the Semantic Web: FOAF

Screenshot of my homepage showing the added FOAF data as parsed by MIT’s Piggy Bank Firefox Add-On.

I’m quickly running out of steam for the day, but I wanted to try adding a FOAF resource to my homepage. “Friend of a Friend” (FOAF) is an ontology for social networks. It describes a person and lists relationships to people they know. It appears to have an appropriate atomicity for a large scale, although I imagine some people might have a fairly large list of referrals and “walking” the links between individuals could be resource intensive.

Anyway, it looks cool, and I’ll probably have more to say on this as I continue my long tumble down the semantic rabbit-hole.

Interested in learning more about FOAF? Go here:
And definitely give the Piggy Bank a spin, it’s really, really neat:

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