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Metaverse Meetup February 2007


Another fine Metaverse Meetup courtesy of Jerry Paffendorf! Thanks to Jerry for organizing and hosting these events, they’re a terrific experience and a lot of fun. Mark Wallace was the guest of honor, speaking on his experiences with Linden Labs and their contribution to the new online community and new media. Additionally, the producers of “Nerdcore Rising,” a film about geek culture and music came by to interview the Meetup participants for their promotional webcast, “Nerd of the Week.” Andy and I had an opportunity to explain our entanglement projects on camera, something we hadn’t expected or prepared for.

Meeting bright folks is my favorite aspect of the Metaverse gatherings. Having someone you can talk to at length about esoteric subjects and trading ideas and critiques serves to energize and inspire one. These monthly events are just enough to keep you interested in the medium and looking for ways to push the art a bit further. I know Jerry has been working on the Metaverse Roadmap, and I’d like to see more working groups on identifying action areas that we can push to move the 3D medium further along. There is enough ad-hoc work being done to ensure the medium has a long life, but pointing out areas that aren’t receiving enough attention may accelerate the medium’s mainstream adoption. I’d be interested to participate in periodic workshops to flesh out those areas.

I’m looking forward to the next Metaverse Meetup, and expect to see even more activity next month.

Photos here on Flickr:

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