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Real-world Control Panel for Second Life


Today my good buddy Andy and I finally turned up our little entanglement experiment between Second Life and real life. The box uses an USB-connected Arduino developer kit to read the inputs and control the LED outputs from Andy’s program on the host computer. The script in turn communicates with an identical object in Second Life. Changes to the knobs or pushbuttons in the real world are translated to their counterparts in SL, and the objects in Second Life can react by controlling the LEDs on the real world control panel.

I constructed the physical panel and wrote the routines running on the Arduino platform, which has proven to be a fantastic way to quickly prototype these sorts of projects. My thanks to the Arduino team and contributors for making this great platform available to the hobby and art communities!

Andy took care of writing the in world code, the host interface, and crafting the in-world panel. He did a nice job of texturing the knobs using these photos. All in all, it’s a neat look at virtual-entanglement!


Another photograph of the box with the LEDs alight. Note the virtual panel being constructed in Second Life on the display. Andy took care of texturing the knobs after this shot was made.. See the panel in Second Life at:

Update: Andy had his own views on the topic over at his blog

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