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TCSDaily on Virtual World Development

Good morning from New York where your intrepid working man has been too busy with sick pets, housework, family business and general mayhem to pay attention to his blogs!

Slashdot frontpaged an article from TCSDaily, another online technology publication, an article on virtual world evolution.

I, as many of my geek countrymen, have had a certain fetishlike interest in the idea of computer-generated virtual reality. The ability to perceive a world driven by ideas and free from the constraints of physical law or space and time is a geek’s dream. In the 80’s we had cyberspace. In the 90’s things looked to be taking off with public venue immersive VR games and “affordable” VR headgear. Somewhere along the way, however, VR lost it’s luster and left the mainstream conciousness.

This article argues that it has simply evolved behind the glass of a 2D representation. It also names some of the current movers and shakers in the field. I’ve been fortunate to spend time with and talk to some folks who are working to rally folks around various projects that will advance the concept of virtual worlds, and it makes me all the happier to see material efforts from the old guard as well. It may be slower in coming than we hoped ten years ago, but I believe it holds every bit of promise today as it did then, if not more.

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