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Photobloggers 8

A group known as the New York Photobloggers hosted a gathering at the Apple Store in SoHo tonight.

The Photobloggers are a loose collection of photographers around New York who post some of their work on a sort of “photo stream.” It provides a timely look into the world of New York, a which is a rich and active place full of worlds which are separated by culture rather than space.

Photobloggers contribute to the public discourse by reflecting aspects of daily life that most of us have no time to appreciate.

At the gathering, we saw the works of several accomplished and interesting photographers, and afterward spent time chatting at a nearby bar to swap stories or methods. I met several very interesting folks, enjoyed the inspiration and hope to make friends of them in the near future. There are so many powerhouses of creativity and motivation in this group that one can’t help but come away feeling better for the experience.

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