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When your office is a film set…


A film crew has staked out the street in front of my office in TriBeCa here in Manhattan. They’re filming “I Am Legend” which will star Will Smith. I haven’t seen the guy, or really even looked all that hard at what’s going on, but when you walk to lunch you go by street after street of logistics vehicles, production staff and really nifty looking equipment. I’m impressed with the amount of gear these guys get to haul out when they need to dress up a location.

The film is meant to be post-apocalyptic, so they’ve lined the streets with dusty old taxis. Other than that, they don’t really go out of their way to give the street a look of desolation, and I’d be curious to see what the engineers and artists do on the back end of production to deal with that.

Maybe I’ll find out more tomorrow on my way out for lunch.

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