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New Toy: Nokia N770


I’ve been hunting for a mail client on the PocketPC platform to enable S/MIME e-mail, but found none so far. VPN was also an expensive proposition. One late night I stumbled across the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

The Tablet includes a mail client capable of using S/MIME for encrypted email, and there is work afoot to equip it with an L2TP capable VPN client. Best of all, it runs Linux and is largely open.

So far I’ve downloaded an xTerm, xChat (IRC client,) a nice streaming audio directory, OGG audio player, and several other common open-source programs. All free.

The device runs at least 8 hours on a charge, as I leave it running and logged in to AIM and IRC while I work. It also works with my ThinkOutside (now iGo) Universal Bluetooth keyboard. I have it connected through my T-Mobile Bluetooth SDA phone for access while at work. At home, it works fine through my WiFi link.

Video playback is OK, photos come up fine on the 800×480 screen. I have a pair of 2GB Kingston RS-MMC (MMCMobile) memory cards that I use. With an adaptor, I use one of them in my Casio Exilim digital camera.

It has about the same number of issues as my PocketPC did in it’s first few incarnations. But for what it is advertised to do, it does very well indeed!

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